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Learning French in France - FAQ

1. What is the minimum age to register?
18 for adult programmes (16 if staying with a host family). The Junior programmes are aimed at 13-17 year olds.

2. What is the minimum standard to register for a course ?
No particular standard is required. We offer French courses suited to all levels, from beginner to advanced levels. Start of courses for levels AO+, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 : every Monday. For level AO (total beginner) and C2 (advanced level) : please see our dates.

3. Where do Azurlingua students come from?
logo ger Germany 11 %,  Spain 11% Italy 10 %,  Switzerland 10 %,  Sweden 6,5 %,  Russia 5,5 %,
Japan 5 %, Czech Republic 4%,  UK 3 %,  USA 3 %,  Poland 3% Brazil 2,5 %,
China 2,5 %, Corea 1 %, others 7%.

4. What is the average length of the stays?
3 weeks for the short French courses and 16 weeks for the longer French courses

5. When should one register ?
At least 2 months before the start of your French course in Nice. Last minute registrations are obviously also accepted but, in such cases, and especially in the Summer, we cannot guarantee a place in your chosen type of accommodation.

6. Should one take out an insurance policy ?
It is strongly advised to take out an insurance policy in your country of origin. European students must obtain the CEAM form from their insurance company for the reimbursement of medical treatment.

7. When should one arrive/leave ?
For those who've requested accommodations, the arrival normally takes place on Sundays and departures on Saturdays. On request it is also possible to arrive on a Saturday and/or leave on a Sunday.

8. Does one need a visa to come to France ?
Not if your country is a member of the European Union. If not, quite probably. Please contact your nearest French Consulate or Embassy.

9. How does one get from the airport/railway station to one's accommodation in Nice ?
Azurlingua offers a transfer service (there is a charge for it) between the airport/railway station and your place of accommodation. The service is also available for your departure transfer. In the Summer, Azurlingua has a reception desk at the Nice International airport.

10. Should one bring books ?
We recommend you bring a dictionary with you. The course material is provided.

11. When and how does one pay ?
On registration, you will be asked for a deposit of 250 € payable by credit card (please contact our offices for payments by cheque or bank transfer). The balance must be paid no less than 2 weeks before the start of your French course in Nice.

12. What is the average age of students ?

13. What type of accommodations do you recommend ?
Accommodation in a host family is recommended for students who wish to get to know the French way of life. Rooms at the Central Campus or at the Summer residence are recommended for those who prefer a more independent student's life and 'budget prices'. Studios are for those who want total independence.

14. Can one send/receive e-mails while at Azurlingua ? Telephone calls ? Faxes ?
Receiving a Fax is free but there is a charge for the dispatch. Public telephones are available for residents in the Summer residence.

15.Are there discounts for groups ?
Yes, from a minimum of 4 participants.

16. Is it possible to book accommodation without following a course ?
It is possible provided you opt for a studio for 2 people, a two room apartment for 3/4 people (please contact us) or in July/August at the Summer residence only.

17. Are there study grants available ?
There are for German students within the bildungsurlaub arrangement, for Swedish students who can avail themselves of the CSN and for those teachers who can apply for a Comenius grant.

18. Is it possible to stay a few extra days in a host family or in a residence ?
It is possible , but only in the Summer residence and depending on availability of places.

19. Can one change course/accommodation during the visit ?
You can, provided there is a place available in the chosen course or accommodation.

20. Can one extend one's course ?
You can, provided there is a place available in the chosen course or accommodation.
Did you know ?

There are 850 000 French teachers in the world, and French is the third most used language on the internet.


Reasons to come to Azurlingua...

Use our online service, it's free and very simple.

A transfer service is available every day.

The staff members of our administrative team speak several languages.

Azurlingua organizes various excursions to give you the opportunity to discover the coast, from a cultural aspect as well as from a tourist one.

Classes with a maximum of 8 to 12 students.

NEW : You have the option of paying in 2, 3 or 4 installments with no extra-charge

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