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Whatever your level of proficiency in French, our Azurlingua language school offers intensive French courses and programmes adapted to your expectations and your goals.

Online intensive French with a real teacher, an excellent choice!

The super intensive French programme is available to all, and includes 30 lessons:

20 general French classes for all in groups of 6-8 students maximum
10 intensive general French lessons, in small groups of up to 4-6 learners

cours en ligne formation professionnelle

Our educational programme programme is based on a method recognised by the label Qualité FLE *** awarded by three French ministries. Our teachers, all university graduates and native French speakers, offer programmes adapted not only to your level, but also to your personal goals whatever they may be.

Prices 2020

1-2 weeks

from 355€ / week

3-8 weeks

from 315€ / week

> 8 weeks incl. TCF*

from 275€ / week

*according to TCF examination dates


Finalize your French test by passing
speaking with real FLE teacher

Azurlingua offers you an online test by a real teacher. You will have an oral interview with a teacher to specifically define your level and your linguistic objectives.

The cost of this test will be deducted from your registration

Do you want to quickly acquire a level of French that will allow you to make your projects a reality?
  • Enter a university
  • Develop your professional activity
  • Prepare your new life in France or in a French-speaking country
  • Make the trip of your dreams while mastering the language

Whatever your goal, personal or professional, the intensive French programme guarantees fast progress!


Intensive course e-learning
with a real teacher

For on-going, fast progress, our teachers rely on a method that is both rigorous and fun, and offer various exercises:
  • Study of authentic documents, writings, films and audio recordings, to work on French in any format.
  • Role play to help you quickly acquire fluency when you speak French.
  • Various fun workshops in French, to deepen your knowledge of French language and culture: cooking classes, tasting regional dishes, museum visits, walks on the Provencal markets etc. Each of these activities then leads to French language practice, particularly of the vocabulary acquired during the event.

Online Intensive Courses for All
adapted for rapid mastery of the French language

Intensive French classes in small groups allow learners to acquire additional skills:
  • During intensive French classes, teachers adapt the exercises to the specific needs of learners.

  • Speaking in French is usually practiced in small groups, which allows everyone more intensive oral practice.

  • Small groups are organised by level, so you learn with students at the same learning pace as you.

  • Intensive French classes are also an opportunity to produce more in-depth productions. For example, your teachers may offer you the chance to do research work and prepare a presentation in French on a topic of your choice.

  • Likewise, you will be able to participate in the creation of a newspaper in French, working in a team and individually across several media and on various topics.

Nicolas Chatré
Nicolas ChatréProfesseur de français FLE
“Le cours Intensif est le complément logique du cours standard pour développer en petit groupe la capacité à s’exprimer avec fluidité en français.”

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