Learn General French online
For adults and juniors

At Azurlingua, the general French course is accessible
for everyone, regardless of your level of proficiency in French.

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Online Standard French course  
is for everyone

At Azurlingua, the general French course for all is accessible for everyone, regardless of your level of proficiency in French. French is spoken by over 300 million people worldwide every day. Mastering French boosts your professional career.

The standard French programme is available to all, with real teachers:

20 general French classes for all in groups of 6-8 students maximum.

cours en ligne formation professionnelle

Our educational programme is based on a method recognised by the Label Qualité FLE *** awarded by three French ministries. Our teachers, all university graduates and native French speakers, offer programmes adapted not only to your level, but also to your personal goals whatever they may be.


Finalize your French test by passing
speaking with real FLE teacher

Azurlingua offers you an online test by a real teacher. You will have an oral interview with a teacher to specifically define your level and your linguistic objectives.

The cost of this test will be deducted from your registration

Prices 2020 *

1-2 weeks

from Undefined€ / week/ week

3-8 weeks

from Undefined€ / week/ week

8 weeks incl. TCF *

from Undefined€ / week/ week

*according to TCF examination dates


Online French courses for all
adapted to your goals

We offer programmes tailored to your expectations and to the goals that push you to learn French:

  • To prepare for moving to France or a French-speaking country

  • To develop your business internationally
  • To prepare for an exam in French

  • To acquire the necessary knowledge in French to succeed in a job interview.che
  • To learn French for your personal culture and travel plans

Objectives of
general French classes for all

  • Acquire the basics of French in everyday situations: friendly conversations, professional interviews, cultural trips

  • Strengthen specific skills such as conjugation, grammar or a specific area of vocabulary in French

  • Express yourself fluently in French, whatever the context and whoever you are speaking to

  • Prepare for and pass a French exam

  • Carry out a project presentation in French, particularly in a professional context

Our French online courses
Interactivity and user-friendliness preserved

Our French school offers various French distance learning solutions for learning French online. We use technology to design training devices that are accessible to all, easy to use, and customizable to meet the needs of each of our students.

Online French courses allow for greater flexibility for our students. Distance learning courses are shorter than face-to-face courses and offer the possibility to organize oneself according to a professional or family planning.

The advantages
of French online training

  • 1) Accessibility
    French online courses are available without any downloads, and students can also connect to a tablet or smartphone.

  • 2) Easy to use
    The virtual classroom interface is particularly intuitive, allowing students to get involved and interact throughout the lessons, using their voice and an audio conferencing system.
  • 3) Personalization
    At Azurlingua, it is essential that all our programs are adapted to the demands of our students.
    In our French online courses, the learner can create a tailor-made curriculum, but also customize the entire course interface.

Nicolas Chatré
Nicolas ChatréFrench teacher FLE
“At Azurlingua, friendliness and interactivity are essential to guarantee the success of our students.”

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