Combined French course for adults
in Nice on the French Riviera with Azurlingua

Azurlingua French School, certified by the French Ministry of Education,
offers courses in French as a foreign language

Combined French course for adults | | Azurlingua France | FLE School 

The combined adult programme
a 100% customisable programme

The combined programme for adults allows you to alternate between group and individual courses, to make rapid progress in learning the French language.

This programme is accessible to everyone, regardless of your level of French proficiency at the beginning of your stay.

The combined French programme for adults is particularly suitable if you are pursuing one of the following objectives:

  • You are considering moving to France or to a French-speaking country.

  • You wish to develop your professional activity abroad.

  • You are preparing to sit an exam in French (TCF, DELF, MATURA).

  • You want to acquire the necessary knowledge in French to succeed in a job interview.

  • You want to learn French for your personal travel plans.

Label Qualité
FLE 3 stars


The Azurlingua school located in Nice on the Côte d’Azur, has organised language stays to learn French in France, for more than 30 years. The quality of our teaching, like all our services, is recognised by the label Qualité FLE ***awarded by the French ministries.

Choose the number of French private lessons
alongside your standard French course

20 standard French classes:

The combined Juniors standard French course takes place in groups of 15 students maximum. During these classes, students practice reading and writing exercises in French, and work on different media: study of audio documents and films, but also their oral and written expression through preparing reports to be presented to the class, and workshops related to the cultural activities practiced.

These courses quickly achieve the following goals:

  • Acquire the basics of grammar, vocabulary and conjugation in French.

  • Express yourself fluently in French, in a variety of contexts.

  • Learn about French culture and the art of our way of life by discovering the local heritage of the Côte d’Azur.

5, 10, 15 or 20 French lessons in private lessons:

Private lessons in the combined junior programme host only one or two students together at the same time. The teacher is fully available to meet your expectations, and offer targeted exercises according to your goals.

Within private French lessons, students work practicing daily tasks in French, depending on their level, such as: answering a friendly or formal e-mail, participating in a conversation, or writing a report in French.

Prices 2019 *

Standard course de 20 lessons

+ 5 individual lessons

from 510€ / week

+ 10 individual lessons

from 730€ / week

+ 15 individual lessons

from 950€ / week

+ 20 individual lessons

from 1160€ / week

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* individual lessons

The immersion stay at Azurlingua is the most efficient and pleasant way to learn the French language. Take the French level test, discover the programme adapted to your expectations, and come join us!

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High quality FLE French courses
with varied objectives

French is the language spoken daily by more than 300 million people around the world. The French language is studied every year by 80 million students of all ages around the world, with varied objectives:

  • To prepare for moving to France or a French-speaking country

  • To prepare for a French exam

  • To improve your knowledge of French to join a large company

  • To develop your professional activity

  • Or to enter a university in France

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