Intensive French Language courses
for juniors and kids
In France on the French Riviera

The Intensive Junior Programme is available to all young students.

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Preparing our young students’ futures
Intensive French courses for juniors and kids

Teaching French in the best conditions has been the goal of the Azurlingua School for more than 30 years. We want to offer our junior students an unforgettable international experience, and an education that will be a real asset to their future. This programme allows you to acquire a good command of the French language both in writing and orally. French courses for juniors are taught by teachers with a degree from a French university, all of them native French speakers.

The Ontario Curriculum Institute instructed our committee to concern itself with the evaluation of the place of a second language in the curriculum of elementary and secondary schools and with contemporary theories and practices in the field of language instruction in Canada and other countries Our attention was drawn especially to French and English, but other languages were placed within our purview as well. We were asked professional essay writers from this page to identify and to define the areas of general agreement and the problems which require further investigation, and to advance hypotheses regarding content methods, etc., which could then be tested. Lastly, the committee’s terms of reference included a consideration of the problem of second language learning m relation to recent developments in scholarship and teaching methods in the Humanities.
Programmes Of second language instruction are found in many countries throughout the world. There is widespread agreement that some of these programmes are more successful in producing students who have a comprehensive and useful knowledge of the second language than programmes found m the majority of English-speaking Canadian school systems. The committee, therefore, examined some of these practices in other countries with a view to discovering principles of instruction which might be incorporated m new second language curricula.

The immersion stay at Azurlingua is a real opportunity for your children!

The Intensive Junior Programme is available to all young students, and includes:
  • 20 general French classes for juniors in groups of 12 students maximum
  • 6 intensive general French lessons, in small groups of up to 8 learners

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Azurlingua offers an innovative and serious teaching method in an exceptional setting, that of the Côte d’Azur. The teaching provided by our qualified teachers is recognised by theLabel Qualité FLE *** and guarantees our students success in their learning.

Prices 2020 / week

without accommmodation

from 445€ / week

+ accommodation in host family

from 615€ / week

+ accommodation “Parc Impérial”
or “Les Eucalyptus”

from 855€ / week

+ accommodation “Les Collinettes”

from 445€ / week

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Azurlingua, exclusive services for our students

Whatever goal you are aiming for by coming to learn French in France, the intensive French for juniors program is customizable, and allows you to benefit from all our services.

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Playful and high quality French lessons
in Nice with Azurlingua

In intensive French classes, students work in small groups, to strengthen basic French abilities, and to acquire specific skills, for example:
  • Intensive French students will be able to work on points of grammar or conjugation that they wish to master perfectly, or work on a particular area of vocabulary, such as university studies.

  • They will also be able to study practical points that will be very useful for their future, such as how to respond to an e-mail in French, in a private and/or in a more specialised setting.

  • Finally, the small group of intensive French classes will be able to enjoy fun outings to deepen their knowledge of the local heritage and culture. Therefore, an outing to the museum may then lead to exercises in French on the works that students have admired.

Offer your child
an unforgettable language study stay in Nice

The objectives of theIntensive French course are varied:
  • As in the standard French course, students master the basics of the French language, and can express themselves with ease in writing and orally by the end of the course.

  • In intensive French classes, they acquire specific skills according to their expectations and needs.

  • The intensive French program makes it possible to tailor their learning in French, according to each student’s aims (to enter a French university, to prepare for an examination in French etc.)

Nicolas Chatré
Nicolas ChatréProfesseur de français FLE
“Le cours Intensif est le complément logique du cours standard pour développer en petit groupe la capacité à s’exprimer avec fluidité en français.”
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