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French lessons in France
designed for foreigners

For 30 years, the Azurlingua language school has been organising language courses for students from all over the world who wish to begin or improve their French language learning while enjoying the exceptional climate and cultural heritage of the Côte d’Azur.

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Programmes for

Kids & juniors

Our language programmes for children and teenagers are all inclusive. Our young learners can attend group French classes, individual French classes and many sports and cultural activities

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For adult students, the French classes at Azurlingua are adapted to the needs of each student. Whatever your motivation to come to learn French in France, for your personal travels, to enter a university etc.

Programmes for


Are you a French teacher looking to improve your teaching approach or gain new skills? Come and take part in our teaching courses, to develop your teaching techniques, while enjoying the climate and heritage of the Côte d’Azur!

Programmes for


Azurlingua, FLE language school in the centre of Nice, offers programmes suitable for all, whatever your level French proficiency or educational goal. Are you a French teacher looking to organise a language stay in France for your students.

Why learn
french in France ?

Learning French has become essential for many professional activities. As an international language spoken by more than 300 million people in the world, the French language is also one of the 6 languages officially used at the UN. It is taught in many universities around the world and its influence is important, especially in the world of diplomacy, journalism, justice and universities.

Between the habitually experienced condition of the monolinguist in full control just of the first language and the substantially less regular instance of the genuine bilinguist, there is a continuum of half and half states where speakers have something not exactly finish order of two dialects. The progress from no language to one language is all inclusive, and is commonly cultivated in the initial five or six years of life. Except for people with gross physiological deformities, all can gain proficiency with a first language, for all do and we recommended you read these courses created by talented writers from essay writing service. There is no obvious proof which demonstrates that all can become familiar with a subsequent language. Research studies report that where the conditions for learning are sensibly comparable for both first and second dialects, as in numerous bilingual regions, the learning of a subsequent language can be practiced. Throughout learning, blunders expanded particularly at those focuses where implications were indistinct and where an excessive number of new issues were displayed in too short a timeframe.

Choosing to learn
the French language in France

Choosing to learn the French language in France is therefore an important professional and cultural step for your career, whatever your field of activity. Without a doubt, it is in France that your French language acquisition will be most effective. Based on a teaching method that is both rigorous and fun, the French courses offered by Azurlingua guarantee fast and adapted results, whatever your personal or professional project.

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