Host family for adults 
FLE language stay in Nice, France

Coming to France to learn French in a host family, on the Côte d'Azur, is an opportunity for our adult students.

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Host families: full immersion
in the French way of life

__ Adults

Azurlingua has been organising language stays in Nice, on the Côte d’Azur for more than 30 years. We work in partnership with French host families to offer our adult students stays in complete immersion in the art of living the French way.

Staying with a French family
according to your criteria

Azurlingua’s host family partners regularly host guests from all over the world. They offer you a warm and attentive welcome, and will do everything to make you feel comfortable on your arrival.

Families are chosen based on your age and interests to allow you to quickly integrate naturally into the home. Upon arrival, your host family will accompany you to the Azurlingua school, to help you find your way, and will indicate all the amenities of the district.

You will be invited to share family meals, to discover the culinary specialities of the region, and to familiarise yourself with French customs. Each of these moments of conviviality will be an opportunity to practise the French language in a friendly and relaxed context. You can also use the kitchen area if you want to prepare meals yourself, and specify any allergies or special diets (gluten-free…).

F.L.E. quality labeled school

As with our teaching and all of our services, this accommodation solution offered by Azurlingua is recognised by the label Qualité FLE ***.

dates and rates

The + of the accommodation
host family for adults

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Accommodation with French families
pleasant neighbourhoods in Nice

Our host families are located in quiet and pleasant residential neighbourhoods, less than 30 minutes from our central campus. If you want to use public transport, your host family will give you a map and a timetable.

Our host families’ rooms meet your needs

  • Single rooms

  • Double rooms

  • Family rooms

  • VIP rooms

  • Balcony or terrace (on request)

Programme dates for adults in host families:   06/01 to 21/12/2019

Standard20 lessons

365 / semaine

Intensive26 lessons

445 / semaine

Combined + 520 + 5 individual lessons

680 / semaine

Combined + 820 + 8 individual lessons

900 / semaine

Combined + 1020 + 10 individual lessons

1120 / semaine

Combined + 1520 + 15 individual lessons

1330 / semaine
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Our host families respond

to all safety standards

  • Stairs, ramps, railings
  • Respect for electrical standards
  • Smoke detectors
  • Home insurance and liability insurance
  • Reference letters

Regardless of the type of room you choose in a host family, you will have a perfectly clean accommodation, a bathroom and a toilet to share, a bedding in good condition and furniture useful to your family. comfort (wardrobe and desk).

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