4-star hotels for adults 
sFLE language stay in France, Nice

The **** hotels selected by Azurlingua are recognised by the FLE *** quality label

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The **** hotels for adults
to meet all your expectations

Enjoy the comfort of a **** hotel during your language stay on the Côte d’Azur! Azurlingua has selected the most comfortable hotels for your immersion to be both studious and relaxing. Our **** partner hotels offer you services of optimal quality, at negotiated rates for you. You will be welcomed by a friendly team, who will be at your side to facilitate every moment of your stay in Nice.

All our 4-star hotels

Villa Victoria ****

4-star hotel – Carré d’Or district

This Niçoise villa, the former property of an explorer, is located in an exceptional Belle Epoque building typical of the Quartier des Musicians. It is a residence with a very atypical setting, and its location in the city of Nice is ideal…

Accommodation Victoria

Villa Bougainville ****

4-star hotel – Quartier des Musiciens

The district of Carré d’Or, in the very centre of Nice, is a luxurious district, composed of large avenues, lined with magnificent buildings with Art Deco architecture. The 4* Villa Victoria hotel is located in the heart of this district, on one of the most beautiful avenues…

Accommodation Bougainville

Our accommodations are recognized
by the label *** FLE

As the education provided by our school and all of our services, the accommodations selected by Azurlingua are recognized by the label *** FLE awarded by the French ministries. This rating (the highest possible for this label) takes into account all the criteria that you can expect from the accommodation that will be proposed to you:

  • The cleanliness of the premises and equipment in perfect working order

  • A warm welcome and a team available

  • A location that allows you to easily reach our central campus, but also to enjoy all the assets of the city of Nice (beaches, cinemas, theaters, restaurants, museums …)

  • Direct proximity to the necessary amenities, public transport, local shops, a pharmacy …

The Label Qualité FLE
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